5 IT Frustrations and How the ITP Complete Cloud Can Help

Frustration 1: Risks and Lack of Disaster Plans:
No matter if a company is big or small, risk in terms of IT is something that must be considered. Many companies don’t have a disaster management plan in place. When something like a network outage, data loss or other disaster occurs, you want to be sure that the data is protected and accessible. It is a feat to manage all this when the task falls solely on the company’s shoulder.  IT Practices offers complete data protection. Through the ITP Complete Cloud, 24hr back up services, server management and more, your data will be secured and kept safe, ready to be recovered after a disaster has happened.

Frustration 2: Too Much Hardware, Too Little Space
Hardware and software for your company can be difficult to manage. Servers are needed to manage data and computing, software costs begin to add up, and your staff may be monopolized by managing IT on top of their own work tasks. With ITP Complete Cloud you will be able to simplify your hardware into one easy solution. IT Practice will manage your services, desktops, and networks allowing you to get back to your company tasks all while reducing the hardware and software your company needs.

Frustration 3: Outdated and Slow Software
In the fast paced world of IT, software and technology is constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest software in order for your business products to run smoothly can be a challenge. With the ITP Complete Cloud your programs will stay up to date and relevant without you having to manage the updates.

Frustration 4: Limited Access Flexibility to Programs
With the ITP Complete Cloud you will always be able to access your programs and applications from any device. You will have access to your software, email, and other business needs at any time. Workers will be able to take their work anywhere, offering plenty of flexibility and connectivity for your company.

Frustration 5: Soaring Costs of IT Services and Maintenance
Because the ITP Complete Cloud reduces your hardware, you will also be reducing your costs. The hardware needed to use the Cloud is simple, less expensive, and easier and faster to repair or replace. You no longer need a server on site, so the repair and replacement cost of a high end piece of equipment is eliminated.

Cloud Ready Applications

Using the ITP Complete Cloud offers a wide array of applications made available to you. Everything from hardware reduction to application management is offered through their complete cloud service. Take a look at all the applications offered.
Cloud ready applications include:

  • Virtual Server – no hardware needed
  • Cloud Backup Solution – no hardware needed
  • Practice Management & EMR Software
  • Digital Imaging Software
  • Financial Software
  • Documents
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Confirmation
  • Business and/or Personal Files and Photos

Next Steps

If you’re still unsure of the right solution for your organization or company, reach out to IT Practice Inc. in Raleigh, NC which serves customers in NC and VA to learn more about the ITP Complete Cloud services and other expert help and support solutions.

Published On: October 28th, 2016 / Categories: Cloud Services /

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