Our Core Services

Generally, you have two options when selecting an IT partner. You can choose to hire an IT professional but sacrifice the resources of an outsourced team with a variety of skills, or you can choose an IT provider to handle all your needs. At IT Practice, our team is committed to delivering high-quality IT services, while using a local workforce to create customized services that meet your needs and strengthen the community.

Services We Offer:




Cloud Solutions

Network Security

Business Continuity

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Email Encryption

Customize a Solution That’s Right for Your Business

We offer a range of customizable managed IT services.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

ITPlan – Our Managed Sevices Option
Your customized, fully managed IT services plan
is designed to keep pace with your growing
enterprise to help you achieve your business
and technology goals.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

Technology Assurance Program(TAP)
Our Hardware as a Service Option(Haas)
We are redefining IT with our monthly-fee based
program for qualified clients seeking to better
manage office finances.

Contact us to learn more or explore which customized plan or program is right for your office.
Or simply stay informed of our continuing efforts to redefine IT