We are Dental IT Experts

Rapid changes in technology can make you vulnerable to cyberattacks. We can help!

We are Dental IT Experts

Our engineers are trained to spot system weakness to keep your practice HIPAA compliant!

We are Dental IT Experts

Solutions from IT Practice are designed to protect the health of your entire network!

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Convenient Plans to Elevate Your Efficiency

Which managed solution is best for your practice?

No Risk Technical Assessment

Our certified technicians will visit your location for a free consultation and network assessment to determine current needs and anticipate growth for the next 3-5 years

Customized Plan Creation

IT Practice’s experienced designers will develop a customized plan to achieve the technology goals necessary to reach your vision and grow with your practice

Dedicated Service Level Agreement

Agreement to minimize lost productivity from software or equipment failure

Preferential Pricing

Upgrades are necessary to keep your IT system running smoothly. Our IT Plan includes preferential pricing on cutting edge hardware when it is time to upgrade.

Choose Your Service Support Level


  • No Mobilization Fees
  • Product/Service Discounts


  • No Mobilization Fees
  • Product/Service Discounts
  • Unmlimited Onsite Tech Support Visits

Next Level Hardware Security

TAP includes all the benefits of the IT Plan, plus the reduced hassle of costly and worrysome hardware upgrades needed every four to five years

No Upfront Expenses

Your monthly subscription eliminates large, unplanned expenses and allows you to predictably manage your finances by always knowing your IT overhead cost

Imaging Software Made Easy

Always stay up to date! Increasing demands of imaging software can require hardware upgrades to meet software requirements. We manage it for you.

Automatic Hardware Upgrades

Up-to-date hardware lowers the risk of outages, productivity losses, and increased service costs. TAP ensures you benefit from always having up to date hardware.

Backed with the Highest Service


Monthly fee Includes fully-managed service and support; covering total system health, security and performance

Is your IT Setup really 100% HIPAA compliant?

Outdated software/ hardware leaves you open to attacks

Do you know today’s mobile technology requirements?

Fines from inadvertent breaches can be costly for your practice

When was your last security risk analysis?

100% of our technicians are HIPAA trained to spot compliance issues within your network. We assess your HIPAA compliance requirements, as well as implications for your software and hardware, and recommend solutions to exceed HIPAA requirements.

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IT Practice has proved to be invaluable in supporting my endodontist office, from setup to integration of hardware and software.  They were not only able to provide live feed on my microscope, but also to take still images from it, as well as being able to incorporate all of my digital X-ray needs. IT Practice continues to provide on- and offsite solutions, and I definitely recommend them to any dental office.

Ryan Burleson, DDS

Apex Endodontics

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When our server failed one afternoon, IT Practice came to my office immediately and got me up and running the very next day before 8am! I am extremely happy. He really came through for me. All of you guys came to our rescue. I’m very grateful.

H Winslow Rogers, DDS, M.S.

Rogers Prosthodontics

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I want to let you know Al and Pete did an amazing installation job and worked tirelessly without taking a break. Everything works great and we are loving our new FAST computers!

Dr. Amy Moubry, DDS, P.A.

Moubry Family Dentistry

Not If, But When…

Sooner or later your medical practice will get hit with malware

Your network gets hit with a virus and shuts down. Your patient load for the day is full, but there’s no chart access. Frustration and panic set in.

So what’s your next move?

Fully managed IT Services for physicians, dentists, oral surgeons, and small business

Worry free IT management so you can focus on delivering quality medical care