Cyber Security
24/7/365 Protection

Cyber Security is increasingly important, but it is just one offering in our comprehensive solution lineup. Our experts have the experience to manage all facets of your IT network – from cloud computing to maintenance & support to backup & disaster recovery.

Do you know your level of cyber security protection?

  • Alert-Based notifications

    Alerting gives a false sense of security and leaves you open and vulnerable until actual human interaction is taken.

  • Scheduled monthly scanning

    This option only lets you know what has already happened and after it is too late and the damage is done.

  • Threat Hunting & Active Response

    If you are not using this option you are vulnerable to cyber attack.

Healthcare attacks are at an all time high!

Business Healthcare Practices are BIG Paydays!

Attacks on healthcare practices lead to BIG paydays for hackers. They understand HIPAA rules and regulations, and that healthcare is proving to be an increasingly lucrative target.

Non-Business Hours Security Breaches

90% of security breaches are during non-business hours?

During this time hackers break in and move around silently, undetected for days or even months, collecting data within your system and stealing protected patient records.

I have an MSP so I am secure, right?

Don't have a false sense of security!

Be aware! Avoid a false sense of security. Not all managed service providers offer real-time threat detection and response 24/7/365 from a live cyber security trained engineer.

Cyber Security Protection With IT Practice

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Get Real Time 24/7/365

When you choose IT Practice to protect your network and systems you get more than the average security…

You get 24/7/365 real time protection support!

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know


Threat Detection

We understand the hacker tradecraft and know how to identify even the most minor threats to your IT setup.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know


Threat Hunting

Continual network monitoring searches for any gaps hackers can use to break into your system.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know


Active Response

We don’t just alert you, our SOC provides immediate action in real-time 24/7/365.

Generally, you have two options when selecting an IT partner. You can choose to hire an IT professional but sacrifice the resources of an outsourced team with a variety of skills, or you can choose an IT provider to handle all your needs. At IT Practice, our team is committed to delivering high-quality IT services, while using a local workforce to create customized services that meet your needs and strengthen the community.

Business Consulting

Be Prepared! Don't get caught unaware...

Hackers could be targeting your practice right now! Contact us for a free technical analysis to determine your level of security!

Consult | Design | Implement | Support

It’s at the heart of what we do. How does it work? Our HIPAA trained engineers evaluate your current system, looking for gaps in your network configuration. We work with you to custom design your setup to meet your goals, all while providing you with the highest level of security and support.

Experience worry-free IT… We practice IT, so you don’t have to!