We offer fully Managed IT Services, covering total system health,
security and performance, to achieve your technology goals
and business objectives.


Plans are tailored to meet the
unique performance and security
demands to realize your
vision for your business.


We have 80 years of combined
experience in IT technical support.
With remote, on-site, and
after-hours teams available to you.
IT issues often can be resolved
before you even know
they’ve occurred.


From desktop computers to hybrid
cloud solutions, we leverage our unique
experience and more than 25 years worth
of vendor partnerships to provide you
the intelligent technology to
optimize system health, security,
performance and cost.

Our Managed IT platform covers your office, remote workers, and branch locations. We have your technology covered.

Customize a Solution That’s Right for Your Business

We offer a range of customizable managed IT services.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

ITPlan – Our Managed Sevices Option
Your customized, fully managed IT services plan
is designed to keep pace with your growing
enterprise to help you achieve your business
and technology goals.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

Technology Assurance Program(TAP)
Our Hardware as a Service Option(Haas)
We are redefining IT with our monthly-fee based
program for qualified clients seeking to better
manage office finances.

Contact us to learn more or explore which customized plan or program is right for your office.
Or stay informed of our continuing efforts to redefine IT.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

Signs your business is outpacing
your IT service

We are specialists in dental and medical office IT,
with expertise in HIPAA and diagnostic imaging technologies.

Windows 365 What SMBs Should Know

HIPAA Expertise

One hundred percent of our employees are HIPAA trained annually.
We assess your HIPAA compliance requirement, as well as implications
for your software and hardware, and recommend hardware that exceeds
HIPAA requirements.

Handling of your data is HIPPA compliant always.


Imaging Software and Hardware Expertise

When you need to upgrade your diagnostic imaging software, we assess that
performance implications for your hardware and recommend equipment that
will exceed the necessary performance required to run the new software.

We Support the Applications and Name Brands
That Run Your Practice and Small Business

If you don’t see an application or preferred brand listed, give us a call to inquire if we support one not listed.

Is your business outpacing your IT service?

Learn more about how we can achieve your technology goals