Dentists know that in order for their office to run smoothly and to get their patients all the help they need for their teeth, they have to be up to date on all the latest data, equipment and HIPAA compliance laws. On top of running a successful practice, making sure to manage all these as well can be a challenge. Using IT support for your dental practice will allow you to focus on your practice and patients, without the hassle of worrying about IT issues.
Of course, not all dental offices are the same. Some are single-doctor, single- office practices and some are large multi-doctor and multi-office practices. Each office differs in what they need with regards to IT – there is no one size fits all. Luckily, there’s a vast variety of IT solutions which can be tailored towards the specific needs of each practice. It can be quite challenging to keep track of the needs for upgraded equipment, software, and especially staying abreast of the latest technology innovations. And now we have added the ITP Complete Cloud.
The ITP Complete Cloud provides many great advantages for your dental practice. This is a comprehensive IT solution that manages all your IT needs. Cloud solutions are able to take the stress off of you and your staff while also keeping you up to date. There are several ways that cloud services make IT smoother for you.

  • 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Hassle free data backup
  • No server required! You won’t need to worry about on site servers taking up valuable space
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Easy installation and setup for all your equipment and devices.

Another vital issue to take into account when thinking about dental IT is that you must remain in compliance with HIPAA laws at all times. It’s important that the IT Provider you’re working with knows the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance.  They will also provide recommendations and solutions for maintaining compliance. With the right IT solutions from the right IT Provider, you can be confident that you and your patients are protected.
IT Practice, a HIPAA Certified Company based in Raleigh, NC , provides a wide range of IT solutions for Dental, Medical and Small Business Professionals across North Carolina and Virginia. Contact IT Practice today for a free consultation to determine your exact IT needs.

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