These days, businesses of all shapes and sizes need networking solutions to stay ahead and succeed. In turn, this is leading to a sharp growth in the use of cloud based services. According to Goldman Sachs, spending on cloud services will see a 30% increase by 2018. Currently, 86% of companies are spending part of their IT budget on cloud computing. Businesses that aren’t using cloud based services are at a disadvantage to other companies, falling behind and losing productivity. Do it yourself IT management is a costly and time heavy process, it’s easy to fall behind and can result in IT disasters such as data loss and security breaches. Networking solutions using cloud based services offer businesses IT management and peace of mind.
Cloud based services are beneficial to businesses in several different ways. Here are just a few of the ways that the cloud will provide IT solutions to your business:

  • Software Updates:  Software and applications constantly require updates. Doing it yourself and trying to keep up with new releases takes time and energy away from your business. Cloud services ensure your business is using up-to-date software always with virtually no down-time.
  • Hardware Reduction:  Cloud solutions allow you to reduce or eliminate on-premise servers and the cost of PC repair or replacement and support maintenance are diminished.
  • Cost effectiveness:  For one simple monthly fee, your software is secure, your backups are secure, your data is protected with encryption, and your time can be used effectively for other matters important to your business.
  • Reliable connectivity:  With a cloud provider ensuring your network is always up and running, and with redundant data backup, your staff will always be connected with minimal down time. This will improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff, allowing employees constant access to the internet and your software applications with ease.

In deciding to use cloud based service, there are numerous cloud based applications ready and available for your business to work with. Your IT provider will manage all these for your business and ensure that your needs are being met. These services include:

  • Virtual Servers – no hardware needed
  • Cloud Backup Solutions – no hardware needed
  • Practice Management & EMR Software
  • Digital Imaging Software
  • Financial Software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Patient Education and Confirmation
  • Business and/or Personal Files and Photos

Moving your business environment to cloud based services will allow your business to be secure, giving your business strength to grow and increase. You will also reduce your IT frustrations and focus on operating your business. You will feel confident that your network will work and your company’s data will be secure which is beneficial to you and your clients. By paying per user versus per device, you will be able to access your data from anywhere, giving you ultimate mobility always.
IT Practice, a HIPAA Certified Company based in Raleigh, NC , provides a wide range of IT solutions for Dental, Medical and Small Business Professionals across North Carolina and Virginia. Contact IT Practice today for a free consultation to determine your exact IT needs.

Published On: December 22nd, 2016 / Categories: Cloud Services /

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