With ransomware and malware attacks on the rise, many organizations today are unsure of how to reduce their vulnerability.  The solution, though, is surprisingly clear.  A successful defense against ransomware and other incidents of malware is as simple as implementing an effective plan.  It’s about devising plans and strategies that will enable you to continue your business operations and enable you to recover quickly and effectively from any type of disruption, whatever its size or cause.
But should your plan include on-premise or off-premise data storage?  What are the risks that you take keeping your data on-premise versus using hosted or cloud offerings?

On-premise vs. Cloud

On-premise solutions are those that are deployed in the traditional manner.  Servers are acquired, operating systems are installed, other hardware may be involved, but all within the four walls of your office.  You can reach out and touch on-premise solutions.  You’re responsible for them.  You have total control over them and can customize as you like.  They are tangible, physical assets.

The Top 5 Risks You Take When Keeping Your Backup Data on Premise are:


You can do anything for a cost, but can you do everything cost-effectively?  One of the big benefits with cloud service providers is their resource pool. They can offer scalability of service you could not provide yourself at an effective cost.


When you keep your data on premise, you have to worry about ensuring compliance with all the laws and regulations that apply to your business.  Cloud service providers have teams devoted to compliance.  They can more readily meet and maintain standards and compliance issues.

SLA and Support

When there’s an outage and your data is on premise, it is up to you to get things back online and ensure no data loss.  Cloud service providers like IT Practice, Inc. have redundant back-up systems that prevent down time and data loss. They are there for you in reliability and disaster-readiness. They work around the clock to maintain all services.


Security is critical to you, your digital assets and your people.  On the other hand, security is complex, expensive and must be maintained 24×7.  Cloud service providers can leverage economy of scale to provide security beyond anything you could do practically speaking, on your own.


Consider the talent required to accomplish all of the above. Cloud service providers like IT Practice, Inc. staff have the necessary expertise to provide top-notch professional services.

Next Steps

If you are still unsure of the right solution for your organization, reach out to IT Practice, Inc. for recommendations.  IT Practice, Inc. provides technology solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the North Carolina and Virginia.  The President and CEO of IT Practice, Inc., Tony Kattan, explains, “It is our primary goal to develop long-standing relationships with our clients and provide unparalleled service and support to each of them.”  For more information regarding our services, call 919.301.1000 today!

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