Are you Burnt Out on IT Buzzwords?

Every day you are bombarded with corporate buzzwords. Synergy, low-hanging fruit, outside the box, moving the needle, etc. are popular staples of sales and marketing jargon and have been for some time now. But with their popularity comes overuse and they often fall on deaf ears. Americans, as it seems, have become burnt out on buzzword culture.

Seeing through the Sales and Marketing Clutter

So how do you know which offers are legitimate and not merely a grab for likes and subscribers? After all, in a technical world it is easy to get overwhelmed by the jargon. In my opinion there are many things to look for to know if a managed service provider (MSP) will do more than just talk the talk. Let’s focus on a few this week.

Look for:

  • Focus on a Partnership Approach
    • Do they know your goals?
    • What/how in-depth is their network analysis? (This is paramount!)
  • How well do they know your niche market?
    • IT security isn’t a one size fits all approach
    • Having certified training in a specific area protects an MSP’s clients. This is of critical importance to the healthcare sector – small and large practices alike.
  • How proactive are they?
    • Do they keep you in the loop, so you know you are receiving the latest technology? Outdated practices can sound impressive on paper, but what are they really doing to stay ahead of the hackers?
      • Don’t be afraid to put a potential MSP on the spot. Ask them about this!


It all Starts with Network Analysis

No-cost network analysis: it’s another IT buzzword. This step in the process, however, done correctly by a reputable MSP is a must! A solid network analysis is the foundation for a good partnership. Don’t be afraid of what they might find – you want an MSP that can identify specific weaknesses within your IT network. Even if you think you are secure, this is truly the only way to fully understand the need for appropriate protection. Remember, a good network analysis should be done by a managed service provider that is an expert in your niche market!

Moving Past the No-Risk Assessment

Identifying the right MSP to partner with should be evident right from the moment of the risk assessment. The best fit should develop a plan based on a partnership approach, with strong knowledge of your niche market (healthcare) and have a proactive approach to protect your practice now while keeping up with the rapid pace of hardware and software development.

IT Practice was created in 1996 with the goal of making IT fears a thing of your past. With more than 20 years of experience in network management and security we understand the intricacies of protecting medical professionals and their practices. Contact us with your questions or a hassle-free tech analysis at

By Heather Bratcher
Heather is the Digital Marketing Specialist for IT Practice (, a Raleigh, NC based managed services provider specializing in medical and dental IT. She can be contacted at

Published On: December 7th, 2020 / Categories: News & Events /

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