Halloween is Over, but Something Sinister Still Lurks

As we move into the Holiday 2020 season, we are constantly reminded to be thankful. Thankful for health. Thankful for growth in your practice. Thankful that your in-laws can only visit via Zoom this year. Basically, be thankful for whatever brings you joy as we ring in the holidays.
While all the focus is on joy, thanks, and family, be aware, there’s something sinister lurking in the background and giving thanks for you. During this season hackers see your practice simply as an opportunity to make a buck. As I mentioned last week cyberattacks are up 400% this year, and small business healthcare is proving to be a very lucrative target for ransomware.

How Secure are You?

Do me a favor and grab a pen and paper. Go ahead and list all the ways in which your healthcare practice’s IT network is secure and HIPAA compliant. Getting stuck? You’re not alone. I often find this a tougher task than it should be.
Now, let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you or your staff log in remotely during the holiday season?
  • Do you have cyber insurance?
  • Are you positive your server has enough space for appropriate backups? Are the backups actually taking place each day?
  • Do you or your staff click on virtual holiday cards (or virtual gifts) from vendors or so-called clients?
  • Do you know what changes have been made to HIPAA in 2020? After all, it’s been one of the craziest years on record for healthcare.

The list of questions could go on and on, but you get the point here. Gaps in your system can be hiding and hackers know what tactics to use during the holiday season to break in. When the attack happens, is your network prepared?

This Season, be Thankful for Protection… and Pie

Remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. You can keep your joy going throughout the holiday season by knowing your IT service provider is watching over you. With a HIPAA trained managed service provider (MSP) you know your practice is fully compliant with all technological regulations by eliminating the gaps in your network. The hackers will have to be thankful for someone else.
Instead of waiting for some type of disaster to hit, put your trust in an MSP that plans ahead.

IT Practice was created in 1996 with the goal of making IT fears a thing of your past. With more than 20 years of experience in network management and security we understand the intricacies of protecting medical professionals and their practices. Contact us with your questions or a hassle-free tech analysis at media@itpractice.com.

By Heather Bratcher
Heather is the Digital Marketing Specialist for IT Practice (www.itpractice.com), a Raleigh, NC based managed services provider specializing in medical and dental IT. She can be contacted at media@itpractice.com.

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