Cloud Solutions

Even though the hardware is constantly getting smaller, faster, and more powerful, the demand for processing power, storage space, and information is growing. It will outstrip a companies’ abilities to deliver the computing services employees and customers demand.

Managed IT Services | Cyber Security in Raleigh & Durham North Carolina

What you can expect from IT Practice’s Cloud Solutions:

  • Scale when you need
  • Cost Control
  • Security and Continuity
  • Compliance
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring
  • Anytime, anyplace from any device access

How do you keep your company safe from cyber threats?

Hackers work around the clock; can you keep an eye on your systems at all times? Think again if you believe hackers are not interested in your data. Small businesses are the most lucrative targets because they are the easiest to penetrate. Will your customers trust you again if your data is compromised?


What is the operation of a multi-layered security defence?

Because threats are constantly evolving, our cyber security services emphasise multiple layers of security protection, beginning with a strong network perimeter defence that includes a managed firewall, active network management, and periodic network inspections. Our information security services include proactive system monitoring, anti-malware, anti-virus, DNS filtering, and anti-spam protection. Finally, we request that you invest in security training for your employees, as they are your first and best line of cyber defence.