When it comes to technology and IT, you don’t have to be alone. Many SMBs are now turning to companies like managed service providers (MSPs) to take over many critical IT functions and support their technology needs.
Depending on the industry, there are a wide variety of technology needs. For instance, a small doctor’s office may need computers, X-ray machines, and other connected medical equipment. Meanwhile, a coffee shop may need Wi-Fi and point of sale systems. According to a survey by CompTIA, approximately two-thirds of businesses say that technologies like this are important to reach their business goals.
However, the challenge for many MSPs comes in suitably supporting these technologies. They may not be able to support the costs of a full-time IT person or cybersecurity expert to ensure these systems are kept up to date and are quickly fixed if they fail. In total, the average cost to an SMB to support these technology systems is around seven percent of total revenue — a hefty amount for any business leader.
MSPs and other outsourced IT support firms help alleviate some of this burden and ensure that SMBs are fully supported. Here are five benefits:

  • Overall better technology support — While the type of IT services will vary from provider to provider, the goal of many is to support, implement, anticipate and maintain a company’s technology needs. In other words, they essentially become your IT department without the added cost.
  • Better reliability — A large part of an outsourced IT provider’s role can include ensuring systems are up to date to limit downtime, and if the technology that does break, it’s fixed quickly,
  • Stepping up cybersecurity — MSPs can also help ensure SMBs are patching vulnerable devices and monitoring their networks for signs of potential attack. Both are incredibly time-consuming tasks that can be prohibitive for any SMB to accomplish alone.
  • Cutting costs — While making the most of your technology should be a priority, outsourcing your IT can often help cut costs by reducing people costs, maximizing efficiencies, and prolonging technology lifetime.
  • Ready for the future — While an SMB may be prepared to support their technology today, they may not be able to pivot fast enough as it evolves. Outsourcing IT can ensure your business keeps pace with the latest and greatest innovations that might further boost company productivity and growth.

As businesses rely more and more on technology to get the job done, it is more important than ever to ensure those assets are carefully supported. While outsourcing IT support is just one option to accomplish this, many SMBs pursue the full benefits of technology today and into the future.

Published On: May 21st, 2021 / Categories: Cybersecurity /

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