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3 Areas Healthcare Practitioners Fall Short on HIPAA

3 Areas Healthcare Practitioners Fall Short on HIPAA

In the medical and dental fields, protected health information (PHI) is a concern not only for the patient, but also for the employees. Protected health information is any information about the health status, provision of health care, payment information or...
Risks of Data On-Premise

Top 5 Risks of Keeping Your Company’s Data On-Premise

With ransomware and malware attacks on the rise, many organizations today are unsure of how to reduce their vulnerability.  The solution, though, is surprisingly clear.  A successful defense against ransomware and other incidents of malware is as simple as implementing...
ransom ware

New Ransomware Alert

There’s a new form of ransomware, filling the void left by CryptoLocker (recently shut down by the Justice Dept.). “Cryptowall” leverages social engineering and security exploits to encrypt its victims’ files. Cryptowall tricks users into downloading infected attachments or clicking...